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Red Soil Outdoor Yoga

Stretch, relax and breathe fresh air at Red Soil Nature Play.

Outdoor Yoga


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Yoga is a practice that aligns the body, breath and mind, bringing you to a state of pure silence. A place where you will be able to simply let go and just be. This is said to be the state of yoga. This is explained in the texts are “Stiram Sukham.”

Stability and comfort come when your feet are well grounded, where your roots are holding strong. At the comfort of nature, surrounded by wellness, we at Red Soil together with Tat Tvam Yoga hope to bring you a step closer to achieving this inner calmness and feel the divinity within.

Yoga for me has been a life changer from an overly obese 146kg prediabetic person to a healthy 77kg one, I have always wanted to spread the knowledge after attaining it's benefits from.

Vinay Narayanswamy
Tat Tvam Yoga

Yoga Vinay