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Red Soil Nature Play is an environment designed to provide young children with a nurturing space where they can immerse themselves in nature; wonder, explore, discover, connect and experience a sense of place and belonging with the natural surroundings.

Red Soil Nature PlayRed Soil Landscape

Red Soil Nature Play is a flourishing ecosystem where a realm of natural elements provides children with a variety of opportunity for nature play.

Childhood play that happens in a outdoor environment where play is unstructured, open ended and led by the child is called nature play. Play positively impacts the child only when it is lead by the child, which means, the child has to be let free, free to do anything she wants at her own pace in a safe natural environment. It develops in children a sense of self, allows them to exercise their independence and makes them aware of the interdependence they have with their ecological world. 

Red Soil Nature Play is a carefully designed space where children have the opportunities to play with diverse natural elements, materials and habitats. The design of the ecosystem places importance on natural ecological patterns, child accessibility and safety.

It is a sustainable environment where the built structures are made of natural building materials; Rain water harvesting, composting and growing of diverse plants and crops have been meticulously incorporated within the ecosystem.

At Red soil nature Play, children can run wild and free. They can climb trees, jump on rocks and boulders, play with water from a stream, make mud pies in the mud kitchen, stomp their feet in a mud pool, hang around butterflies and birds, water plants, run through tunnels, or just day dream. There are infinite opportunities for nature play depending on what the child wants to do.

The need for Red Soil Nature Play

Red Soil Nature Play is the first nature play habitat to connect nature and children in the city of Bengaluru. The uniqueness of Red Soil Nature Play is the interwoven environment where nature play areas are set within a flourishing ecosystem. Red Soil Nature Play strives to renew the way we see open public spaces and parks and be a model sustainable environment to live and play.

Red Soil Nature Play was founded by young parents, Amrutha Preetham and Senthil Nathan, living in the city of Bengaluru, India. It was born out of a yearning to provide a nurturing space for their new born child. Red Soil Nature Play is a social venture which calls attention to

  • The importance of unstructured free play in childhood
  • Spending time outdoors amidst nature
  • The need for more green public spaces in urban neighbourhoods

Red Soil Nature Play spread across nearly 2 acres of land, was developed from the ground up. The environment was restored by planting a lot of indigenous trees. A wide assortment of vegetables, grains, herbs and plants were grown. The sense of the place is to inspire and ignite young minds to explore and experience nature in a peaceful unhurried manner. Red Soil Nature Play nurtures children and their parents and creates a peaceful and calm atmosphere for parents to observe and cherish the natural blossoming of their child.