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Red Soil Nature Play

Red Soil Nature Play is an environment designed to provide young children with a nurturing space where they can immerse themselves in nature; wonder, explore, discover, connect and experience a sense of place and belonging with the natural surroundings. Children grow to understand nature, respect nature and therefore form a lifelong relationship with the earth, its soil and its people.

Our story

We are Amrutha Preetham and Senthil Nathan, Co-founders of Red Soil Nature Play. We would love to share with you the story and thoughts behind the beginning of Red Soil.

“It was that time of the year when winter reached its full course and a whole new season transcended the cold weather of January. The sun shone. The flowers blossomed. Crops were ready for harvest…..A new life sprouted”

Red Soil was born out of an immense need for providing an environment with an abundance of nature, for our new born baby. As young parents yearning to provide a nurturing space for our child, we were certain that nature was what our child needs to learn about all that’s needed to live a wonderful life.

From the day our baby was born, we passionately worked towards finding places filled with nature’s bounty. We visited lakes, parks and faraway resorts. Yet, we craved for a space, where a child can be let free, free to play, free to wander, wonder and explore the natural habitat around them.

We were rest assured that, an intimate connection with nature in early childhood is a basic necessity to create a generation of compassionate individuals, individuals who are able to live in peace with themselves.

Play is how young children encounter life. Understanding life through play in a diverse landscape where they watch plants, trees and various crops grow is an enriching experience. To provide an ecosystem to nourish children’s exploration and learning, we’ve embedded a ‘Permaculture environment’ with our ‘Nature play areas’. Nature play and Permaculture complement each other beautifully providing children with knowledge about human life, and it’s interdependence with earth’s remarkable living systems.

‘Everything exists because it depends’

Play positively impacts the child only when it is lead by the child, which means, the child has to be let free, free to do anything she wants at her own pace in a safe natural environment. Uninterrupted inner-directed play builds intrinsic motivation which is the foundation for lifelong learning. Such play is made possible only by adults who are sensible and aware of its importance. At Red Soil Nature Play, we provide guidelines for a calm and respectful approach to parenting and support parents in their learning.

With these thoughts in mind we envisioned a landscape which was in real need, for the young children of Bengaluru. And thus Red Soil was conceived.


The importance of NATURE PLAY in Bangalore

  • Bangalore is the second fastest-growing major metropolis in India and popularly known as the “Silicon Valley of India”. As a growing metropolitan city in a developing country, Bangalore confronts substantial pollution and other logistical and socio-economic problems. This rapid growth has made Bangalore a home to a large number of young parents and children
  • The living environments for children are inconsiderate and do not cater to serve their basic developmental needs. Play schools and Kindergartens are located in houses with constrained spaces. These house-converted-playschools do not offer natural and open outdoor environments
  • Bangalore has become a city of shopping malls, traffic jams, frothing lakes and waterlogged roads. The high real estate prices have shrunk the open playgrounds and green spaces in the city resulting in deprived living environments for its future generation
  • The importance of early childhood development and the vital role of natural surroundings are not being recognized in the current educational ‘market’ and hence a space like Red Soil Nature Play will become a foundation stone in the future of early childhood development in Bangalore, India

Social objectives of Red Soil Nature Play

  • To blend Nature Play and Permaculture together so that the future generation can lead and live in a sustainable earth
  • To renew the way we see open public spaces and parks (especially children’s parks)
  • To be a model sustainable environment to learn, live and play
  • To revitalize early childhood education in India
  • To be the First Nature Play environment in Bangalore, India

We’ve developed programs that take place at Red Soil focusing on three main categories. They are Red Soil Play, Red Soil Inhabit and Red Soil Milieu. For more information, please check our programs section.

We are delighted to welcome you to RED SOIL NATURE PLAY where your child is free to spread their wings, explore nature and experience wonderful moments of exhilaration!