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ArChildren Courses by Poetics is the first initiative in India to educate and engage Children and Youth about Nature, Buildings and our Built environment through the understanding of Architecture.

Today’s children live in bigger cities dealing with innumerable urban issues such as traffic congestions, water scarcity, waste mismanagement, air pollution, disappearing natural lakes and parks and climate change. Most of these issues are rooted in the lack of understanding of the built environment, lack of deep connection with nature and lack of understanding the source of all problems. Our future generation needs immense knowledge of these issues; they need to be equipped with the wisdom to solve these issues, to create a down-to-earth lifestyle and to be able to live in harmony with nature and their fellow beings.

ArChildren aims to provide young minds a platform where they are free to explore and understand our built environment through play and imaginative projects.

ArChildren courses are segmented for three age groups 4-6 years, 7-13 years and 14-18 years. Each course consists of a number of classes that need to be completed. 

As part of these courses children will make Sundried bricks, Natural huts, Bamboo Pergolas, Arches, Vaults and Geodesic Domes.

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