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Nature Play Enviroschool

Nature PlaygroupNature Playgroup

Red Soil Nature Play Enviroschool is an early childhood education program for children of ages 2 – 6 taking place at Red Soil Nature Play.

Red Soil Nature Play is a meticulously planned environment where children have the opportunities to play with diverse natural elements and habitats. The Enviroschool program is designed to provide young children a flourishing ecosystem where they can follow their innate play drives. Self directed learning and connection with nature are crucial during the early years for human intelligence to unfold as nature intended. The program nourishes children with a growing and evolving habitation and respectful care in a peaceful and unhurried atmosphere

Our philosophy of Early Childhood Education

o   Respect, Care and Presence in nurturing relationships with children

o   Evolving play spaces for Self directed learning

o   Abundance of Nature

We understand that respectful care and presence in nurturing relationships with children, play spaces for self directed learning and an abundance of nature is all that is required for a child to blossom naturally

Red Soil Nature Play Enviroschool provides

  • Diverse opportunities for play in a flourishing nature play environment
  • The foundation for self directed education during the early years
  • Uninterrupted time to play
  • Educators who nurture relationships with their Respectful Care and presence
  • Educators who are trained to support children’s play
  • Homely and harmonious indoor space
  • Nutritious and organically grown food
  • An atmosphere for nature celebrations throughout the year

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